What to prepare for your holiday in Bali

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Ready for your holiday in Bali? Wondering what to bring along? As someone who has been in Bali uncountable times let me give you here a few tips.

What you usually wear in Bali:

- Flip Flops or any open shoes

- Short trouser/skirts

- Thank Top

- Strong Hiking Shoes if you want to go on a volcano

- Rain Jacket especially if you travel in the rainy season (Nov-Feb)

- Sun Hat

For the beach:

- Beach Blanket

- Beach Safe Container (here and there things get missing on the beach, so be aware)

- Sunscreen

For sightseeing:

- Sarong to visit temples for him and her

- Light Back Pack to get those souvenirs, carry water bottles.

For driving scooter:

- Head scarf or baseball cap under helmets you get with the scooter (if you mind)

- Wind Jacket or Fleece Pullover for the cooler evening especially on a scooter

- International Driver Licence if you want to rent a scooter or car

Practical things:

- Empty luggage and with allowance on flight to bring souvenirs home

- Adapter, Bali is on 220 Volts, 50Hz two-pronged ‘Europlug’ type.

Hope this helps to prepare your next trip to Bali. Any further suggestions please write in the comment below.

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