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Our two top restaurant pics close by!

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

I have not seen more beautifully designed coffee shops and restaurants than on Bali. Its stunning how much effort foreign and local business owners put into its interior design.

Here you can find all styles from Shabby Chic to Industrial Style to Tropical. Be ready to be blown away. Its heaven for interior lovers.

Let me pick out one favorite:

La Brisa, a beach bar and restaurant located directly on the beach, nestled in beautiful expat heaven, Echo-Beach. The entrance to the restaurant feels like a walk in a theme-park passing along Balinese outrigger- fishing boats, beautiful lit palm trees and small cozy lounging areas. When you reach the main building a eclectic fisher man decor is sprinkled around every corner you can see. The sound of the ocean will add on to the picturesque atmosphere. And because this is not enough you can quickly find yourself in the huge swimming pool where you can lounge and relax and let the day go by.


My absolute favorite - La Brisa

Is there any better place to spend your afternoon? La Brisa - Echo Beach.

Another favorite is La Laguna. A gypsy style bar and restaurant also directly on the beach. Its closer to Canggu. Entering the place you walk along old, antique gipsy wagons beautifully decorated, mystical lit with small colorful and warm lights. If you want to switch on your Instagram production come during the day or before sunset to get the best light. Arriving at the main building you wont drop your camera, every corner is styled in nostalgic, beautiful old wood and steel furniture. You can choose to sit on the ocean facing terrace, the bar or on a perfectly manicured green lawn. The DJ plays out of a, guess what, a gypsy wagon. Have a bit more money in your pocket than usual. They have a minimum spending of over 150.000 IDR at time of writing, its worth it.


La Laguna - Canggu. Don't miss it

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