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How to order a taxi!

Bali has both car sharing online operators Grab and Go-Jek fully operating on the island. Uber is not longer available. But, unfortunately there are a few conflicts between online operators and local taxi organizations which you will see and feel on your trip to Bali.

Most areas in Bali have their own local taxi organization. At Enigma Bali Villas for example its called Taxi Pererenan. The drivers are from the local village and therewith provide a certain level of safety. They also care about the community and claim to keep the streets clean. Well you got it. The online operators don't care about local communities and this is where the problem starts.

Enough of explanation. If you want to be stress free you better of calling local taxi operators trough your hotel or villa. Yes they are more expensive, sometimes up to 50% or even double. Online operators are not allowed to pick u up where a local taxi operator has his business. So you don't relay have an option.

For drop offs there is no problem. So if you catch a Grab or Go-Jek in the city and get dropped of in Pererenan there is not issue.

On main streets you can call a grab or go-jek any time, its to busy for anyone to observe activities.

If you organize a local taxi ask to use the taximeter. If he is not willing to do so, which often happens in the night than bargain at least 20-30% down.

Keep your belongings in taxis to yourself. Pay only when you arrive. Its only cash, credit cards are not accepted in local taxis.

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